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Enhancing School Safeguarding

In educational settings, prioritising the safety and security of students and staff is paramount, meaning it is increasingly crucial to adopt advanced technologies to streamline access control and visitor management processes. At Semieta, we understand the unique challenges faced by schools and offer tailored, innovative solutions to meet their needs.

Applegarth Primary School in North Yorkshire, under new leadership of Headteacher Justin Peoples, tackled safety concerns effectively with the help of access control solutions. Challenges included staff not wearing identification lanyards and a faulty lock on a rear door. By implementing mandatory staff passes and upgrading locks, safety was improved. Further measures included adding access control to three more doors and introducing a staff sign-in/out system via a tablet. Semieta, chosen for their ties with North Yorkshire County Council, provided tailored solutions and responsive support. Mr. Peoples praised the collaboration and seamless transition to electronic systems, which gained easy approval from Ofsted, highlighting the significant impact on safeguarding and security.

We aim to extend the success seen in schools already using our systems by integrating these advanced solutions into more organisations nationwide.  Here we explore the advantages of incorporating access control and cloud visitor management systems into similar sites.

  1. Enhanced Security: Access control systems allow you to restrict entry and access around site to authorized personnel only, preventing unauthorized individuals from entering sensitive areas such as classrooms, administrative offices, staff areas and other restricted areas.

  1. Tablet-based Check-in and Visitor Registration: Our cloud visitor management systems offer the convenience of tablet-based check-in for visitors or pre-registration online, allowing for quick and efficient registration upon arrival. This not only enhances security but also improves the overall visitor experience.

  2. Real-Time Monitoring: Cloud-based systems enable administrators to monitor access and visitor activity in real-time from any internet-enabled device. This provides a heightened level of supervision and allows for immediate response to any security concerns.

  3. Late Pupil Arrival Recording and Reporting: Semieta simplifies the process of recording and reporting late pupil arrivals, enabling schools to maintain accurate attendance records effortlessly.

  4. Instant Roll Call for Emergencies: In critical situations, Semieta provides instant roll call capabilities, allowing schools to quickly account for all individuals on the premises, ensuring the safety of students, staff, and visitors.

  5. Visitor Badge System: Our visitor badge system offers flexible badge printing options, including paper, plastic, or sticky label formats. This feature extends to staff, pupils, governors, and visitors, ensuring clear identification and enhanced security throughout the campus.

  6. Customized Access Levels: Administrators can assign customized access levels to different individuals based on their roles and responsibilities within the school. This ensures that staff members have access to the areas they need while maintaining strict control over sensitive areas.

  7. Data Analysis and Reporting: Whilst essential for meeting ongoing safeguarding needs, data analysis and reporting are time-consuming tasks for schools. Semieta's cloud-based system offers robust data analytics and reporting capabilities, empowering administrators to effortlessly track visitor demographics, analyse patterns, and generate compliance reports, simplifying essential tasks for schools.

We pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge solutions and our shared objective is to encourage safer and more efficient learning environments across the country. By integrating access control and cloud visitor management systems, sites can significantly enhance safety measures, streamline administrative tasks, and ensure a secure learning environment for students and staff alike.

Contact us to discuss how our solutions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your school, college or university.




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