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Bank of China

The world's biggest bank uses our products at the London head office, including self-registration tablets.

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Berkeley Hotel

All contractors and agency workers are logged in and out of site using Semieta.

brinks (1).png


The world’s largest security company, a major US group, has used our products since 2012.

chemtura (1).png


This major chemical plant in the north west uses our solution to manage emergency roll call across 15 gas refuge sites within the complex.


The Ritz London

We use innovative fingerprint technology to support The Ritz Hotel and how they manage contractors on site.


Eton College

Eton College is one of our longest standing clients. We help keep students safe and secure at the world’s most famous school (formed in 1443).


Global Banking School

Semieta helps this client manage the huge influx of students throughout the year.


Rennie Grove Hospice Care

We provide free software to support their excellent work in the community, producing all their staff passes.



Managing contractors in vital for this large manufacturing company.


Meggitt Brakes

Major parts supplier to the aviation industry, Meggitt Brakes uses visitor manager with tablet Self- Registration for their largest UK site.

nhs (1).png


Several hospitals use Semieta products for managing visitors and contractors.

st francis.png

St. Francis Hospice

By providing free use of our Semieta software, St Francis Hospice can print all staff ID badges, essential for nurses on house visits.



The BBC use our cloud based technology across a number of sites to manage and monitor visitors.  We work closely with the BBC to ensure the solution supports their stringent  corporate sustainability ethos.

breck (1).png

Breck Hotel Apartments

RemoteKey ensures that bookings and access to rooms can be managed without a key or a physical presence on site.

central baptist church.png

Central Baptist Church

Our access control solution provides for the secure premises for over 70 volunteer helpers, without having to manage a large portfolio of keys.


Chelsea Football Club

At Chelsea FC, managing contractors on site is critical to smooth running on site.

EC English (1).png

E C English

Using Semieta Visitor, this company manages students attending classes in 21 countries around the world.



We work across a number of sites, with a view to working internationally Cummins.



We provide staff log in facilities for one of the largest hotels in London.



One of the premier tourist attractions in the south of England, this site has used our visitor management solution for many years to manage contractors and business visitors.

mansley (1).png

Mansley Apartments

Mansley Apartments uses RemoteKey to manage flats in Scotland, London and Cheshire, alleviating the need for staff to be on site to hand over and collect keys from short-terms lets.

mercedes (1).png

Mercedes F1 Team

The world's quickest car company uses our software at their main development site in the UK.


North Yorkshire County Council

NYCC are one of Semieta's biggest clients with over 26,000 staff across 35 office buildings and 350 doors using our access control solutions. 

Sothebys logo.png


We work closely with Sotheby's to mange their security and access control needs.

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