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Our Green Credentials

Semieta - part of Access IT Cloud Solutions Ltd.

The Semieta team has set about making sure its not just managing its own carbon footprint, but also helping its clients improve theirs.


A number of initiatives are planned with new products set to be delivered in early 2024 to help sites manage their energy use.


If you are trying to find ways to get to net zero, discuss with us how our new tools may help.

We take pride in following our Environmental Policy and work hard with both our staff members and clients to identify any opportunities to work in the most sustainable and ethical manner. 

 What Makes Us Different 

We have been helping clients manage their visitors, contractors and staff access for more than 20 years, so our access management software is feature-rich:


  • Unique editor tools to give you control over the data you want to collect

  • Specific tools to help manage contractors on your site professionally, efficiently and safely

  • A visitor induction system that means you can share and amend inductions for contractors and visitors, and record induction test pass marks

  • A visitor and contractor badge system where you can tweak badge designs without any cost

  • An ‘intranet’ module that provides partial access to the system for hosts you don’t want to give full system access to

  • Pre-registration with document upload for digital filing 

  • Extra security approval process for higher risk sites 

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