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Access Solutions for offices

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Our Customers

While lots of office sites will have addressed obvious barrier/gate/door access issues, we go further to provide a joined-up solution considering all your needs including future issues you might face. 

Semieta offers fully flexible access control solutions that are uniquely tailored and able to integrate with your existing systems and providers. 


With over 20 years of experience in the security business (starting last century for a major bank), we can offer an in-depth review of the weaknesses and opportunities for access control at your site.


We ask simple questions like:

  • 'What's your biggest site concern/risk?'

  • ‘Do you know who is coming to site?’ 

  • ‘What type of visitors do you get?’ 

  • ‘When do they arrive/leave?’ 

  • ‘What current entry and exit points do you have?’ 

  • ‘Is the site effectively monitored with CCTV, and which entry points are already controlled?’

 Need more details? 
We are here to help.
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