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BRYKS: Transforming Visitor and Contractor Management

BRYKS, is an innovative solution designed to enhance site management.  It is a unique integration of technology that combines the power of the BRYKS Semieta app with NFC CHIP placement to monitor location activity seamlessly.  With customizable options to tailor the system to specific site needs, BRYKS promises to simplify management while enhancing security.

Here we explore some key benefits and features that make BRYKS stand out:

  • Quick and Easy Installation: BRYKS can be set up in minutes without the need for power or Wi-Fi, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations

  • Versatile Applications: Stand-alone, wire-free operation for availability at any location, temporary or permanent; from remote event sites and unmanned buildings to classrooms and sporting fixtures, BRYKS can cater to a wide range of access control and visitor management needs

  • Universal Compatibility: The BRYKS Semieta app can be installed on any smartphone, providing flexibility and convenience for both users and administrators

  • Real-time Monitoring: With Semieta cloud running in the background, you can effortlessly check and log visits in real-time by simply tapping into BRYKS

  • Comprehensive Reporting: Generate detailed reports on visitor and contractor movements, enabling you to make informed decisions and improve site management

  • Enhanced Security: BRYKS can be used to open access control doors and barriers, adding an extra layer of security to your premises


We understand that every site is unique, which is why we offer additional features and customizable options to tailor BRYKS to your specific requirements:

  • Visitors & Contractor Dashboard: Easily pre-book and review visitors and contractors from any internet-enabled device

  • Notifications & Automation: Automate repetitive processes and stay informed of important updates with customizable notifications

  • Company Approval: Streamline the approval process for contractor documents and credentials

  • Document Management: Upload and manage all contractor documents electronically

  • Tailored Data Collection: Collect custom data fields relevant to your site's needs

  • Scalability: Enjoy unlimited users and user roles


We pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge solutions that simplify site management and enhance security. Whether you need to manage visitors at events or contractors at remote sites, BRYKS offers a seamless, efficient and moveable solution and represents significant progress in today’s site management.




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