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Access control software for visitors, staff and contractors

Semieta Access Control solutions put you in complete control of who is on your site, which areas they can access, and when they can access them. Whether you need an access control system on door entry, barriers or gates, with fobs, cards or biometrics, we can help you.

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Our software can be offered on a stand-alone basis or seamlessly integrated with existing software providers' systems. We work in conjunction with any door entry systems, swipe cards, readers, fobs, QR codes, biometrics, CCTV & ANPR already in place.

Semieta offers access control solutions that enable you to manage the access you give to visitors, contractors and staff on your premises. 

Additional features:

  • Integration & Cloud-based solution  Ability to integrate with existing access control solutions or our custom cloud-based software.

  • Dashboard Overview – View all key stats of visitors and contractors by date and time.

  • Manage doors, barriers, gates & turnstiles - Control all access points throughout your site. Link to any existing systems.​​

  • Badges & ID – Custom Photo ID and visitor pass system.

  • Complete Access Control Control access and movement of visitors and contractors around your siteAllow time and zone entry parameters.

  • Manage doors, barriers, gates and turnstiles

  • Full Reporting – Custom reports on all data collected.

  • Roll Call – Real-time list of all people signed in on-site with link to Fire alarm system available.

  • Access Methods –  Choose from fobs, cards, PIN codes, wristbands, bio-metrics or facial recognition, and bar codes

  • Keys & asset tracker - assign office hardware like projectors to staff and contractors.

  • Multiple access card formats Ability for software to read any card format.  Useful in a multi-tenanted office where a variety of systems already exist.

  • Multi-Tenanted sites - Connect multiple sites and buildings to create a common approach to security (staff or visitors can use the same system across sites and buildings)

  • Sign-In App - Login all people via a tablet.

  • RemoteKey - Unique product using PIN codes for door entry – no physical key required!

  • CCTV capability​​

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