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Safely and efficiently manage visitor access. If you are using traditional sign-in books or want to upgrade your existing software, Semieta provides you with a bespoke, flexible and secure solution.

Customise the end-to-end Visitor management experience.

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Our cloud-based visitor management software puts you in complete control of the booking process, visitor check-in and check-out experience, and site safety and security. 

Additional features to help you manage Visitors:

  • Pre-Visit Invitations – send visitors site details ahead of their arrival.

  • Visitor Dashboard – Contractor managers and hosts can pre-book and review the dashboard from any internet-enabled device. 

  • Notifications & Automation – Automate any repeat processes such as yearly inductions, and get notified of sign in’s and key updates.

  • Visitor Induction System – Provide visitors an induction and test before arrival on site, or via Semieta Visitor App.

  • Visitor Sign-In App – Sign in all visitors upon arrival via the Semieta contractor app.

  • Badges & ID – Custom Photo ID and visitor pass system.

  • Tailored Data Collection – create custom data fields (e.g. dietary preferences).

  • Full Reporting – Custom reports on all data collected.

  • Roll Call – Real-time list of all people signed in on-site with link to Fire alarm system available.

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