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 Full features 

We have been helping clients manage their visitors and contractors for well over 10 years, and all the while we listen to feedback and the new features our clients might need. That’s why our full feature list is so extensive.

To help you navigate through these features click the below links:

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Booking visitors
and contractors

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inc. Instant Roll Call

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Daily visitor/contractor management

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Customisable visitor experience

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 GDPR/Site rules and policy

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Saving visitor/
contractor data

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Making the system your own

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Badge printing

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Document upload

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Logging visitors and contractors out

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Security and information storage

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Booking visitors and contractors

  • Host booking – take the pressure off reception teams by enabling key staff and contractor managers to make visitor bookings directly on to the visitor on boarding system, either with full system access using a username and password, or through an intranet booking tool that gives them partial access to the visitor sign in software

  • Role profiles – create role profiles and access levels to the visitor system tailored to your needs and the team’s

  • Multi-tenanted offices and sites – designed for landlords and managers of multi-tenanted sites, this allows you to create secure, Chinese walls between different companies and users who all share the same reception team. Reception see all booked visitors on their dashboard but each tenant only sees their own

  • Pre-registration – ask companies, contractors and visitors to input their data for you, before they arrive – ideal for contractor managers looking to complete contractor on-boarding, and also events and block bookings

  • Booking confirmation – hosts and contractor managers receive booking confirmations when guests use Pre-registration

  • Self-registration – a module in our visitor management system that allows visitors and contractors to log themselves in at reception/point of arrival without bothering the reception desk team, saving everyone time when its busy

  • Smart visitor records – auto-fill visitor details from pre-existing records saved on the Cloud, saving you time and avoiding duplicate records

  • Data import and export – save time and maintain accuracy by importing group details in bulk via CSV or XLS files - useful if you have large company, contractor and staff databases to import

  • Recurring visits – add more than one visit record using our add-date function, so you can book in a visitor for the week with one input session. Great for contractors coming on to site every day to complete a job

  • Multiple locations and receptions – you can book visitors and contractors via specific locations and receptions, providing a reception-specific view of visitor and contractor activity

  • Booking approval – ideal for high security sites, this feature in our visitor sign in system requires the additional approval of a booking by key staff, for example security or contractor managers, before a visitor can be logged in or have a badge printed

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Daily visitor/contractor management using the dashboard

  • See visitor and contractor bookings on our Daily View Dashboard for any calendar day, enabling you to plan ahead for busy periods and prepare badges ahead of big parties or contractor groups arriving


  • Flex view – enables you to bespoke the Daily View Dashboard to any data column and ranking configuration you need, for example the meeting time, host name, or even personal protective equipment sizes

  • Dynamic database lookup – write a visitor or contractor name into a field and instantly chose from a list of names, if they are a return visitor. If they aren’t you can create a new visitor record in less than 15 seconds

  • Icon action buttons – these help you fulfil key tasks quickly and easily, from logging visitors and contractors in and out, to editing their profile if something has changed


  • Unique colour coded records – flags the status of a visitor or contractor, including logged in/out; booking approved or not; Booking made via Pre-registration; Induction date expiry etc. 

  • Add company and host name on the fly – ensuring you keep booking-time to a minimum and the process seamless

  • Roll Call button – click this and key individuals receive instant emails carrying the latest list of visitors and contractors still on your premises, allowing your fire wardens or contractor managers to account for every visitor at the muster point. Also allows you to print the list

  • Reports – use this to run reports by date, company, name or keyword, to retrieve historical data on visitors, contractors, hosts, visits and other activity – all exportable to excel

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Saving and retrieving visitor and contractor data

  • Easy-retrieve and Easy-edit – There are four databases where you can save data – into Staff, Visitor, Contractor and Company records. Data is held securely in the Cloud with 30 day back up. You can retrieve information at the click of a button

  • Photo capture – the visitor ID system allows you to take photos of visitors and contractors, and save them alongside a visitor record, and print them onto passes if required

  • Admin delete – allows only specified roles and users to be able to create and delete records

  • Colour coded records on the dashboard provide you with warnings if any data is out of date or obsolete – for example Company Insurance or Induction date - critical for contractors you are using

  • Deep dive – It can take less than 15 seconds to create a visitor record, but you can also define deeper data collection if you need to, for example if you have a high risk site due to the type of work you do, or if it’s to record a company or contractor

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Badge printing and group visits

  • Badge printing in Semieta's visitor pass system can be instigated via a tablet displaying ‘Self registration’, from the reception desk, or ahead of time for things like events and big parties ,or contractor groups

  • Batch printing – gives you control over how and when to print badges for events, large bookings and contractor groups. Simply click on the relevant visitor records on the dashboard to create a group and press the Batch print button on the Dashboard – saves time and prevents the front desk from being mobbed!

  • Multi-badge formats – through our visitor badge system you can print to plastic cards, Mifare cards, paper passes and sticky label printers

  • Bar codes – We can print unique bar codes onto badges of any format to create the ability to scan in and out with the badge, using a bar code scanner running our Access Control software. Some clients use this to speed up contractor access


  • Badge editor – this gives you control over what data is displayed on a badge, your logo and overall design. It means you can create badges for special occasions and tweak a badge if important company information has changed


  • Groups for meetings – this allows you to create an ongoing group of visitors or contractors who can be booked under the same name for a regular meeting or specific job. It saves all that time booking people separately and allows for batch printing of badges

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Logging visitors and contractors out

  • Use the one-click Icon action button on the Dashboard Daily View to log out a visitor or contractor immediately

  • Use Bar codes on returned visitor passes to scan visitors out – ideal for receptions with high volumes or for unmanned receptions

  • Auto log out feature allows you to pre-set a time (for example 24:00 hours) to automatically log out any visitors or contractors that are still logged into the system - ideal for ensuring visitor log ins are up to date and that Roll Call is maintained accurately. For companies who have 24-hour working on site, this feature is turn on/off so you can log out manually instead

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Safeguarding visitors and contractors, inc. Instant Roll Call

  • Roll Call is an essential feature to manage site safety and the safety of your visitors and contractors when an emergency happens

    • At the click of one button it sends an automated email to a pre-determined list of addresses (eg your fire wardens, security officers and contractor managers) listing every visitor currently logged in at your site. It will also print the list so wardens can check off visitors by contacting hosts or visitors directly

    • Don’t forget, our Cloud-based visitor and contractor management system is accessible on site or off site (with a login) so even in an immediate evacuation you can still access these records via a smartphone

  • Before arrival visitors can be sent a configurable Confirmation email that can help them find the site, park and know what to expect at the point of reception or entry to your building

  • Companies that require visitors and contractors to wear protective equipment can collect size information through Pre-registration, or collect it the first time they visit the site, and then use this information for future visits. This allows gatehouses and receptions to prepare for the next day by having packs of clothing already made up – size 9s and hard-hats to the ready!

  • Time and date of log in and log out ensures you know who is on your premises, in real time. We have real-life examples of how this data has been used in security matters to prove whereabouts of visitors and hosts

  • Wearing passes with photos and host name ensures visitors and contractors can be helped or challenged to ensure their safety, whether they have inadvertently entered a restricted area or if a host needs to be contacted to clarify roles and access rights

  • Notes sections can also retain important information regarding allergies and medical data, if consented to by the visitor and in-keeping with your data protection policy

  • Inductions are a key element to ensure site and individual safety. Expiry dates are recorded and you can set a flag on forthcoming dates to highlight when an individual needs an induction refresh

  • Company Insurance expiry flags can also be used to highlight when a contractor might be close to an insurance expiry and therefore when it might not be safe for them to be working

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Creating your unique visitor and contractor experience

  • Notes – add personal notes to a visitor or contractor record or visit to remind hosts about information which can make a visit memorable – for example a favourite drink, or if they have travelled far to get there. You can also use it to record things like food allergies, as per your company data protection policy

  • Confirmation email – visitors and contractors can receive a tailored email after a booking is made, confirming the meeting time, host and location, with additional information as you see fit, like parking availability, a map or nearest shops etc.

  • Induction ready and Induction tests – visitor and contractor inductions can be a fundamental part of your on-boarding process. Companies use inductions to educate and provide evidence that contractors and visitors have seen, understood and passed an online test about your premises, including safeguarding policies, health and safety etc. You can even amend the induction page by page without reloading the whole thing!

  • Personal Protection Equipment – some of our clients provide size specific protective clothing to visitors. Semieta Cloud allows you to create these data fields to your exacting needs, and then allows you to display this data easily so clothing bundles of the right size and nature can be prepared the evening before arrival – professional, efficient and above all, safe.

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Notifications to visitors, contractors and hosts

  • Confirmation email – does what it says on the tin and automatically emails visitors and contractors (and hosts depending on configuration) with the details of their up-coming visit including how to get there, maps and other useful information - all defined by you!

  • Host guest-arrival notification – hosts and contractor managers can receive automated emails as soon as visitors are logged in at reception, saving time and effort for all involved

  • Induction test pass – hosts and contractor managers can receive test pass results for any of their visitors required to pass the company induction

  • Roll Call email sends an automated email to any chosen email address (for example fire wardens) listing every visitor still logged in on the Semieta Visitor system

  • SMS notification – soon hosts will be able to also receive text messages when their guests have arrived and been logged in; watch this space!

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  • Visit report – allows you to filter key data and produce reports about visits by date, host, time, company, visitor or keyword

  • Visitor report – track and review the visits from specific visitors, contractors or groups of visitors by date and time

  • Company report – review the visits you have had from an individual company or group of companies and use the data for things like justifying issuing parking permits, permanent passes or for performance reviews

  • Induction Test report – receive test results for anyone taking the Induction you have sent them, to ensure they are able to come on site with all the relevant information and understanding to visit or work safely

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  • Self-registration acts like a virtual receptionist that can book and log in visitors. It utilises a tablet screen to replicate the registration and log-in process remotely, saving your reception team time during busy periods or enabling you to register and sign in visitors in an unmanned reception area

  • You can do everything the core system does to book and log in a visitor or contractor, including print badges remotely, tweak screens, add branding and tailor the data fields you want to display and collect, take photos, show documents and ask for agreement checks, and even play video. It can automatically notify hosts, and all records are stored in the central database

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  • Pre-registration enables you to send a booking link to new visitors and contractors, for them to remotely enter all the relevant details about themselves and their company BEFORE arrival on site – so it’s ideal for clients who manage large numbers of temporary staff or contractors each week

  • You can do everything the core system does to book in a visitor, including tweak screens, add branding and tailor the data fields you want to display and collect, take photos, upload documents, send induction packs and tests, ask for agreement checks, and even play video. It can automatically notify hosts once a pre-registration ‘booking’ has been completed and all records are stored in the central database

  • The record appears in purple on the Dashboard Daily View to flag that the record needs verifying

  • Pre-registration can take the pain out of managing contractor information and greatly improves information flow, storage and reception management by getting the detailed information completed before visitors and contractors even attend on site

icon data g.png

Getting agreements to GDPR/Site rules and policy

  • As a Data Processor we have been working hard to ensure our clients – the Data Controllers – can do what they need to do to comply with GDPR or Health and Safety, and manage their Data Protection policy effectively:

    • Flexibility via Badge Editor to add Data Protection statements onto badges

    • Tailorable fields and features in Self-Registration to allow for a data protection policy to be communicated via text or video or both, and for visitor ‘agreement’ check boxes to record visitor’s understanding and agreement

    • Tailorable data fields so data controllers collect ONLY the data they need and which complies with their policy

    • Auto record deletion of files for a period specified by Admin users

    • Clear record deletion process and timescales

    • Induction presentations which are editable by the user


You can see our own Privacy Policy HERE.

icon creative.png

Making the system your own  customisation and branding

  • Editor tools give you complete control over the data you want to collect, with edit functions across data forms for Visitors, Staff, Contractors and Companies

  • You can create new data fields and delete old ones, reorder them and make them mandatory – which means our system is configurable to any business or organisation

  • Through Badge editor you can brand and present visitor data as you see fit, managing fonts, colours, type of data and positions of data fields, photo etc

  • The system can be branded using your logo and brand colours

  • Reports can be created and saved for future use, so you don’t have to recreate them every day or week

  • Once you have set up your own unique User Roles, you can replicate these for new team members or amend them to reflect new requirements

  • Dashboard View can be set up to present visitor data how you want to see it, with data columns that can be hidden, reordered and sorted

  • You can configure and set up a different Location and Receptions according to how your organisation runs and the sites it has. If you require three separate receptions you can set this up and report on them separately

  • Reword and tailor configurable Confirmation emails and other automated messages.

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Document upload

  • Document upload enables the client, visitors, or contractors to upload documents pertinent to the visitor process that has been defined – for example, contractors can upload PDFs of company insurance, permits to work, or competency proofs. Others may be asked to upload DBS certificates – the choice is up to you and in accordance with your own Data Protection Policy.

  • Documents can be uploaded as PDFs and saved into the Cloud where they can be retrieved when required.

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Security and information storage

  • All data is operated and hosted from Microsoft Azure servers located in the UK, and is ISO-compliant site security, with dual server centers and a 30-day backup provision.

  • Real-time back of data.

Booking visitors
Daily visitor management
Saving and retrieving
Unique visitor experience
Badge printing
 What makes us different?  

We have been helping clients manage their visitors and contractors for well over 10 years, so our visitor management software feature list is rich and deep:


  • Unique editor tools to give you control over the data you want to collect

  • Specific tools to help manage contractors on your site professionally, efficiently and safely

  • A visitor induction system that means you can share and amend inductions for contractors and visitors, and record induction test pass marks

  • A visitor badge system where you can tweak badge designs without paying us to do it for you

  • An ‘intranet’ module that provides partial access to the system for hosts you don’t want to give full system access to

  • Pre-registration with document upload - ideal for managing companies and contractors

  • Extra security approval process for higher risk sites 

 Full features explained 

Logging visitors out
Safeguarding visitors
Getting agreements
Making the system your own
Document upload
Security and information
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