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Safely and securely manage the flow of Visitors, Staff, Contractors, Pupils, or Companies onto and off of your premises. 

Welcome to Semieta

 What we do 

Semieta Visitor makes reception sign-in books obsolete and will revolutionise your contractor and visitor booking, welcome & sign in/out process. We put your reception team & hosts in control the moment they use our cloud-based, electronic system to book a contractor or visitor—ensuring they receive a professional, timely, friendly welcome before & during their visit.


If you're concerned about site security, achieving a better contractor and visitor experience, & running a professional front desk, contact us now.


Semieta Access Control is a server based solution that enables you to manage the access you give to staff, visitors, contractors and companies to your premises. This software system sits at the heart of a hardware-agnostic install, which we can advise you on once we have surveyed your site and spoken to you about your needs.


Our software runs across door entry and exit systems, swipe cards and readers, bar codes and bar code scanners, biometrics, CCTV and more. 

Our Customers

“For many years we have relied on Semieta Visitor to manage contractors and visitors safely onto site. Our confidence in the product and company has led to a recent extension to our relationship to a 5-year contract.”

Coca Cola Edmonton

 What makes us different? 

We are a privately owned, founder-run business with all the energy and innovation of a start-up.  We develop our proprietary software with our own money, using in-depth understanding of client needs and their feedback.  We want clients to receive personal, passionate support and advice, and not to be tied into overly complex, bespoke hardware solutions.

That makes us competitively priced, feature rich, and nimble.

We are here to help.
Contact us by phone, email or via one of our forms online.
 Need more details? 
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