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Do you need to relieve pressure on your front desk team?

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Managing receptions, front desks and gatehouses is no easy task – they are at the front line of customer, colleague and visitor engagement. What happens there reflects upon the whole organisation.

So, if your front of house sometimes resembles a waiting room or worse, then using a secure tablet to allow visitors to Self-Register their visit can really take some pressure off, and will present your organisation in a very positive light.

Tablets, securely mounted to a desk or the floor, can carry Semieta Visitor Self-Registration, which enables you to give visitors the choice to register their details remotely from the front desk, capturing data that you define and manage, whether its name, email and host, or company, a photo or an agreement ‘check’ to on screen data protection statements.

Visitors can find an existing booking or create a new one, and the system can auto-email the host to announce their arrival. All the data goes straight in to the cloud-based databases.

Visitors can follow a print dialogue process to print their own badge, or present at reception once they have logged themselves in, for reception to print a badge.

The tablet can also be used to register late pupils.

Tablet Self-Registration is an upgrade to our Semieta Visitor management software, but it represents great value and can run on existing, good spec windows-based tablets.

Organisations currently using tablets and Self-Registration range from a global bank, European sports company head office, and schools and colleges.

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