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Do you want to save money vs your existing access control system?

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As a founder-owned access control and visitor management company, we have more flexibility and agility when it comes to the solutions we can provide clients. We are also leaner than many of our competitors:


  • We work with hand-picked installers that we know well and who know us

  • Our software is wholly owned and developed by us

  • We aren’t tied in to specific hardware solutions


This means we are keenly priced and can provide innovative payment solutions for clients where the capital expenditure of access control can be a barrier to getting the system your business or organisation demands. That’s why we have introduced a subscription-based payment model – so some clients can spread the cost of their access control install across a number of years, helping clients manage budget constraints and cashflow. If you think this might suit you please get in touch to discuss further. Of course, this is subject to the right credit checks and controls.

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