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Do you have a multi-site organisation and want centralised control?

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Semieta Visitor is a visitor system hosted in the Cloud and is therefore accessible via any internet enabled device using a secure password and username. It has location specific features which enable you to devise a visitor management system to manage multiple locations, and different receptions in the same location. So, like one of our clients, if you have 50 locations across the country but need a single overview of visitor and contractor flows, you can have it!

Just imagine – ONE single system for visitor management across all your locations, with consolidated MI and Chinese walls between each site. You can manage access to the system by defining users of the system with specific access rights and profiles, turning these on or off centrally. You can approve or bar companies or individuals too.

For broader MI, reporting is available to review visits and visitors on all or any site, so you can compare site traffic or the movements of a company or individual across more than one site.

The same visitor induction system can be used for each location, but it is also possible for local tweaks to the induction presentation to allow for different site maps and rules.

All records are accessible centrally so company documents, licences and insurances can be reviewed locally or centrally, ensuring you are in control of administration and can double check the performance of your local sites and agents.

Multiple site features:

  • Multiple locations and receptions with administration rights granted locally and/or centrally

  • Oversight of traffic and busy sites

  • Reports can be run locally or centrally, giving you a unique view of visits, visitors, companies and staff moving about your organisation

  • Ability to use Self-Service tablets at sites without manned receptions

  • Central control over bookings, barring and inductions

  • Ability to track vehicles as well as people

  • Single contract if required

In addition to the core features:

  • Hosts and reception can make bookings from any internet enabled device

  • Dashboard Daily View of all visitors by date and time

  • Instant Roll Call visitor lists for emergencies and fire alarms

  • Visitor booking Confirmation email

  • Host confirmation email automatically notifying hosts on arrival

  • Electronic record keeping, in the Cloud, and Reports of all visits including login, logout, host, contact details and company

  • Visitor badge system includes badge printing with photo ID and batch printing for events

  • Company/Contractor management features inc. Pre-Registration and Document upload

  • Bespoke data collection based on your exact needs using our Editor tools

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