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Upgrading from a

book?

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Your organisation may be questioning the continued use of a paper-based sign-in book, perhaps in response to ever more stringent data protection regulation, to improve efficiency and the process of booking visitors, or because of concerns over premises security or inadequate record keeping.

That means you’ll be looking for a cost-effective visitor system that still enables you to print badges to wear on site, but you may be being bamboozled by the sheer weight of offerings, features and platforms that are available in the ‘visitor management software’ space.

Semieta Visitor is a cloud-based visitor sign in software system designed to meet your visitor management needs.  

At its simplest, Semieta Visitor enables organisations to book, log in, badge print and log out visitors simply and easily, and above all very cost effectively, with the simplest of ‘installs’. It can run on an existing PC and printer, but also on a Tablet using Self- Registration, and covers all you will be looking for and more:

  • Hosts and reception can make bookings from any internet enabled device

  • Dashboard Daily View of all visitors by date and time

  • Instant Roll Call visitor lists for emergencies and fire alarms

  • Visitor booking Confirmation email

  • Host confirmation email automatically notifying hosts on arrival

  • Electronic record keeping, in the Cloud, and Reports of all visits including login, logout, host, contact details and company

  • Visitor pass system with badge printing including photo ID and batch printing for events

  • Company and Contractor management features including Pre-Registration and Document upload

  • School-friendly features including Late pupil arrival reporting

  • Self-Registration modules using tablets at reception desk

  • Bespoke data collection based on your exact needs using our Editor tools

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