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Loooking to upgrade an old access control system?

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You may be running a new site, in a new role working for a new employer, or may have been asked by your team to review access control and site security due to an audit or risk committee review. You may also have been unfortunate enough to have experienced an access control failure or incident at your site.


Whatever the reason for looking to upgrade your current system, we are an excellent partner to help you upgrade (even though we say so ourselves!). This is for many reasons:


  1. You may well qualify for a free on site survey where we can help you spec what is possible. We can walk around with you offering advice and guidance, to formulate a specification that we hope you ask us to quote for, or to take to other providers.

  2. Our Semieta Access software is hardware agnostic, meaning it might well work across current hardware you have already got installed. However, some providers lock you in to a closed system (indeed some of the larger players tend to do this) and in that scenario you may need to start from scratch. If so, our software is usually compatible with most new hardware solutions you might be considering for your site.

  3. Our software can be adapted, at a cost, to accommodate special needs and scenarios – for example we have developed a system for one multi-tenant client where our software is reading 8 different cards formats on the same reader, meaning much lower replacement costs and a simpler process for their many tenant companies, all using the same building but with many different card formats for accessing their own offices…

  4. We are constantly upgrading our software with new features and functionality, examples include postroom parcel control, ANPR compatibility and key tracker features, to name a few.


In addition, Semieta allows for a simple data import process so if you are moving data from one system to another, we can help you do it efficiently and without losing years of information.

 Need more details? 
We are here to help.
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