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Want a tablet in reception for Self-Service login?

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Increasingly, clients are including a Self-Service element to their Visitor Management process. This involves using a secured tablet device, connected to the internet, to run the Self-Service module of Semieta Visitor in a reception area. It saves the reception team valuable time and can be a better experience for visitors too.

Self-Service runs a simplified version of the data collection process, with the data you need defined by you using an editor tool. The visitor simply enters this data (for example name, host name, mobile phone number and email), agrees to any local site rules on screen and stands still for a photo to be taken. They can then log themselves in and collect their badge from reception. An email is automatically sent to the host to say their guest has arrived.

Reception or hosts can then log out these guests on their departure. Some clients use bar codes and scanners and swipe a returned pass to make log out even quicker.

  • A simple Self-Service data collection module can be used on most internet enabled tablets

  • Tablets can be secured to a stand, desk or wall

  • An editor tool helps you define exactly what data you want self-service visitors to input

  • Ability to brand screen with colours and logos

  • Photo can be taken directly from the tablet

  • Visitor ID system with badge printing via print dialogue box on tablet or via reception

  • Can be used for late pupil arrival in schools and colleges

  • Excellent option where busy periods causes long queues in reception

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