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Are you a school?

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Schools present unique challenges and safeguarding issues, which we are very aware of, having worked in a number of schools across access control and visitor management. Secondary schools and universities have a need to manage their pupils and students effectively, while primary schools may need tighter controls around on-site visitors.


We have had extensive experience across primary schools, secondary schools, universities and colleges. This ranges from turnstile access control for high throughput sites, simple access control across all entry/exit points, staff-only access control including ‘login’ and ‘logout’ data, through to more extensive gates, barriers, internal door access control. We have recently installed wristband access control for all pupils at a large school in the South East.


Whatever yours needs, we are big enough to provide you with install capability and service levels you might need to manage a large site, but agile enough to be able to provide unique solutions based on your particular needs.

All this is run via our Semieta Access software, which has a number of additional useful features for schools:


  • Key and equipment tracker – allocate keys/projectors etc to individuals using bar codes and scanners

  • Staff time in/out – keep track of staff whereabouts while on site, with ability to scan in/out in seconds using bar coded cards

  • Print staff badges for ID

  • Record pupil late arrival

  • Control barriers and gates

  • Even add ANPR capability


Finally, we also know budgets are under pressure, especially so for capital expenditure. To help, we have developed a subscription-based option for installing and managing access control, whereby the cost is spread over time rather than as a one off hit for school budgets. Talk to us for more details or to arrange a site visit.

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