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Do you want to save money vs your current visitor management system?

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Time and again we talk with clients who have been staggered by the prohibitive costs of a competitor Visitor Management system. Our model is different, so we can offer our products at a very competitive price.

  • We are a privately owned and an owner-run organisation

  • We own and develop our own visitor management software, based on the feedback and requirements of clients that we have worked with for many years

  • We aren’t locked into specific hardware solutions or kit

  • We want to make our money from longer term software licences, renewed by clients every year or every 3 years because of good service and a reliable product

That’s why we don’t offer free access to our visitor management system at low visitor flow numbers (our model isn’t one of scale where we saturate the market). And it’s also why our overall costs are usually much lower than larger scale competitors with bigger overheads to manage.

We also tend to approach clients bespoke, devising solutions that fit your unique circumstances and also helping you set up data fields and systems to fit with your staff needs and levels of experience.

Please do compare us with other quotes and look at another visitor sign in system, we’d be delighted to discuss all the options available to you and why (usually!) our solution is better value.

 Need more details? 
We are here to help.
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