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Do you run an office building with multiple tenants?

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Most offices have some access control and we can help provide gated or turnstile access at reception and other areas around your site. These can work with biometric, card or fob access.


A more sophisticated challenge we have helped clients solve comes when landlords or building estate managers want to create a unified single access control system in reception to a building where multiple tenant companies all use different card systems for their floor of offices.


To avoid having to reissue thousands of cards and change access control systems for each tenant, Semieta Access has a solution. We have developed the capability to read any type of card through a single universal reader, allowing each tenant to still control the issuing of their own cards, through a shared, Chinese walled, portal, that can work with the ground floor reception system. That way the building manager can control who comes through the reception space, while each individual tenant can still control their own staff and visitors using their own access control system.


If you have this need or a similar challenge please talk to us – we’d be delighted to help.

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