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Do you need a site visit to help scope your requirements?

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We find that for many clients who are not security specialists, access control can feel like a ‘black box’ of abbreviations and technical terms. This makes the industry hard to understand and difficult to navigate.


At AccessIT Data we try to cut through this technical speak and instead suggest to many of our potential clients that we conduct a site visit to help you scope your requirements.


With over 30 years of experience in the security business (starting last century for a major bank), we can offer an in-depth review of the weaknesses and opportunities for access control at your site.


We ask simple questions like:

  • 'What's your biggest site concern/risk?'

  • ‘Do you know who is coming to site?’ 

  • ‘What type of visitors do you get?’ 

  • ‘When do they arrive/leave?’ 

  • ‘What current entry and exit points do you have?’ 

  • ‘Is the site effectively monitored with CCTV, and which entry points are already controlled?’


While lots of sites will have addressed the obvious barrier/gate/door, etc, we try and provide a joined-up solution considering all your needs including future issues you might face. We can often offer a free site visit and survey including recommendations, and sometimes, but not always, will suggest our own products as one solution. But we also aim to give you a fair and transparent view of your needs which you can take to other providers as you see fit.

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