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Do you run a high-risk site (eg high security, heavy industry)?

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Certain industries and sectors represent a greater risk, whether for clients, their staff, visitors or contractors. Managing that risk may well be your job, so it’s important that you are fully aware of some of the features in Semieta Visitor to help you mitigate that risk.

We work with clients where knowing their visitors and contractors is critical, and for them we have built an additional layer of approvals. When a booking is made it requires a head of security or contractor manager to review and approve it, as well as the host. There’s also a Pre-Registration module that enables clients to pre-check all contractors and visitors before they arrive, reviewing documents and contractor ID, permits and insurances. We also work with a 3rd party to provide unique ID checking hardware to scan passports and driving licences to validate document authenticity.

But the basics can be important too. Who is onsite, who is their host, how long are they allowed onsite for? All these questions and more can be recorded and presented on a pass, allowing staff to review and challenge contractors and visitors or their host appropriately.

Through electronic record keeping the system also allows for historic analysis of who was on site when. We have recently been asked by authorities to provide permissible visitor data to prove the whereabouts of individuals involved in suspected criminal activity. This was successfully passed on, in accordance with privacy laws and regulations.

Semieta also has features to record behavioural issues and events, good or bad.

For higher risk sites the following features are particularly relevant:


  • Pre-Registration module enabling visitors and contractors to input and upload company and personal details ahead of their arrival, with the ability to check documents

  • Second layer of security approval for all bookings with system prompts

  • Strict user profiles which can be set up by Master Admin users restricting individuals to specific rights and actions which you can define

  • Hosts receive email confirmations that a contractor has completed the Pre-Registration process, and also when the contractor is logged in on site. They can also be notified when the contractor is logged out

  • An Induction feature and editor tool that includes a test, to ensure contractors and visitors have read and understood the content and can be allowed on to site. Induction expiry date is also created

  • Data fields which cover company insurance dates, induction dates, contractor work competencies and ‘company approved’ status. Company records turn red when expiry dates approach

  • Badge printing with visitor and contractor photo ID (and bar code scan in/out if required

  • Data field Editor tool which means you can tailor data collection to your needs, for example collecting clothes sizes for contractor or visitor PPE

  • Notes and feedback section for recording contractor performance details

  • Barring function if individuals or companies need to be barred from site

  • Roll Call function that lists all logged in contractors currently onsite, via email and print out

  • Link with ‘Hirabl’ for ID and background checks

Read our Coca-Cola Case Study.

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