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Helping you manage Covid-19 risk in the Workplace


Semieta Software can provide you with the tools for managing your staff’s return to work, by utilising the following existing and upcoming features:


Contact Report Track and Trace – Existing or new site


Use Semieta to profile who has been in the office at any time. Our reports can tell you who your employees could have been in contact with, to help manage any possible infection spread.

How it works:

All staff and visitors tap in and out using Semieta, which produces a time/date stamp of when they were on site. Semieta can be set up remotely to work with a tablet and prox card/bar code reader to work with your existing access control cards, or new contactless solutions (printed barcodes, fobs etc.).




Rent the whole solution on a monthly basis or buy outright. Costs of hardware and licence available on request.


Manage Staff Staggered Attendance


We can help you apply access rules for all your staff across multiple sites and entry points, to manage when they can (or can’t) attend the office.

How it works:

With a small downloadable upgrade, we can give you an easy profile page to assign staff into agreed visits days, whilst maintaining their existing groups.


Covid-19 Testing Booking System


If you wish to set up a process for testing some or many staff for COVID-19, we can offer an on-line booking system. This will allow staff to go online, book a testing appointment, and log when then arrive to get tested. ID can be provided via the staff ID card, or via a QR code on their phone. Once the test is taken, a label can be produced with a unique bar code and stuck onto the sample packet, to save writing and possible ID errors.

Remove PIN code readers – Go Contactless

If you are one of many sites around the country with old style manual PIN code door access points, you can quickly upgrade to a card and swipe system. Details and costs by phone, give us a ring.


Online Visitor Induction with safe environment questionnaire


Ensure all visitors and contractors are compliant with your new sites rules before they arrive and check that they have not been in contact with a Covid-19 in last 7 days. Questionnaire designed by the client.

Fever (Temperature) Detection Hardware – Coming Soon


We are working with one of the world’s major hardware corporations to provide a fever detection scanner linked to Semieta. After presenting your access card, a heat sensor will check you are not showing a fever (temperature above 37.9 degrees) before allowing the access point to open. If your temperature is above the pre-set level, entry is refused, and a note is made against your record which alerts your line manager/management automatically via email.

Next Steps


We could set up a free trail/demo, within an hour’s notice, for any of the ‘Available Now’ features above.

Call us on 01442 828143 or email to today.

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