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Do you manage a lot of contractors onto your site each week?

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Managing contractors onto your site represents a higher risk to your organisation, from a health and safety perspective but also in terms of company insurances and permissions, and the professionalism and efficiency with which you can induct, brief and account for them each day and week.

This is where Semieta Visitor's contractor on boarding system can make a big difference.

Semieta Visitor is cloud-based contractor management software that offers deep features and capabilities for managing and on-boarding contractors, visitors and staff on and off your site. It holds databases specifically for contractors and companies, with data fields already available covering company insurance and expiry, induction expiry dates, work competencies and company approvals.

Semieta Visitor also has a unique contractor Induction system that enables you to upload your contractor induction and send it as a link to contractors before they arrive on site. They can even be tested before they arrive to ensure they understand the key information and safety points.

In addition, Semieta Visitor has a contractor sign in system Pre-Registration module that enables hosts and contractor managers to send an invitation email and link to contractors and visitors, which contains all the relevant data fields the contractor is required to complete, from basic details to company specifics, photo ID and document uploads like work permits, and even PPE sizes – which can all be done remotely, ahead of the visit.

This all saves valuable time and confusion on the first day or week on site and enables you to manage any missing documents or details before contractors arrive.

Key features to help you manage Contractors:

  • Pre-Registration module enabling contractors to input and upload company and personal details ahead of their arrival. The Dashboard Daily View highlights these bookings in purple so they can be verified

  • Hosts and contractor managers (as well as, for example, reception and security teams), can book contractors directly if they have access to the Semieta system

  • Hosts receive email confirmations that a contractor has completed the Pre-Registration process, and also when the contractor is logged in on site using our contractor sign in software. They can also be notified when the contractor is logged out

  • A contractor Induction system feature and editor tool that includes a test, to ensure contractors have read and understood the content and can be allowed on to site. An induction expiry date is also created

  • Data fields which cover company insurance dates, induction dates, work competencies and ‘company approved’ status. Company records turn red when expiry dates are being approached

  • Contractor badge system with badge printing with contractor photo ID

  • Data field Editor tool which means you can tailor data collection to your needs, for example collecting clothes sizes for PPE

  • Notes and feedback section for recording contractor performance details

  • Record basic details but also deeper detail like company name, address, status, contact details and associated documents

  • Barring function if individuals or companies need to be barred from site

  • Roll Call function that will list all logged in contractors currently onsite, via email and print out

Read our Coca-Cola Case Study.

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