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Are you a school?

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Safeguarding pupils and staff, managing visitors and dealing with others on site like contractors, service teams and parents, will be a top priority for you, your school governors, the Management team and parents themselves.

A basic visitor management system or sign in book won’t cut it any longer, in a world where Data Protection, regulation and school inspectorate standards all point to more record keeping, audit trails and consents.

That’s where Semieta Visitor, on the cloud, can help. We offer a visitor sign in system that your head office team can run and manage from the reception desk via PC, and a tablet Self-Registration process that can take the pressure off during the busy periods – which might be all term!

In addition to a long list of standard and deeper features, Semieta Visitor offers schools and colleges:

  • No capital outlay on expensive hardware – you could start with your existing paper printer and PC

  • A cloud-based system that requires very little or no IT involvement and a 30 day whole system back up

  • PC based system and a tablet Self-Registration module

  • Late Pupil arrival recording and reporting

  • Instant Roll Call for emergencies

  • A visitor badge system with badge printing to any card or pass format (paper, plastic, sticky label) for staff, pupils and governors as well as visitors

  • Your own badge branding and design

  • Import/Export of staff and pupil data via CSV and XLS files

  • GDPR-friendly features to make applying your data protection policy easier

  • Centralised reporting and data so managers can see visitor data and numbers

  • Ability to deepen or simplify data fields being collected to keep it simple!

As a business that also offers Access Control and already works with a number of schools across the country, we can also offer access control solutions across your site – and will at the very least provide you with a site visit to scope your access control requirements. 

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